Monday, December 4, 2017

Here's where I turn on my Liberal friends (kinda)

OK, this may not be a popular post. Maybe there are a number of people who agree and have just not said so. I recently read an article where at least one Congresswoman agrees.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Cal) told multiple media outlets that it was time for Pelosi to step down and that the House of Representatives needed to "pass the torch".

It is time for both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to step down. There are a number of reasons that I ignored before this week, so I would not have have written this earlier. But it has become clear now.

For a time now I have wondered why there were no leaders in the Democratic Party (or the 'Independent Party' if you believe in Bernie Sanders) who don't qualify for the Denny's Senior Discount? Along that line, how come I can't name 10 legitimate candidates on the Democratic side for 2020 despite the chance of running against President *.

I think one reason is there are very few upcoming young Congress People who are considered qualified. They aren't doing things that are bring them much public credit. I think this is because there is a strangle-hold of credit and work by the "older" members of Congress. Some of this is understandable, if you've been there longer and fought more battles, you should get more limelight.

But I don't think this is a case of Representative Pelosi and Senator Schumer are finally getting their due like some of the other older legislators. The two bring plenty of negative attention with them.  Schumer, despite being related to a professional comedian, tells the worst jokes ever. This wouldn't be a problem, except they actually get in the way of his communication and render him unable to "sound-bite" his policy ideas.

And Pelosi is a legendary fundraiser, to the point that it has solidified her power despite the Democrats losing control of the House twice while she was leader. But that money has not turned into more Democratic Congress People or passed legislation from the Democrats. Not to mention the fact that Pelosi, through no fault of her own, has become a symbol that makes conservative donors send piles of money to the Republicans.

But to me, these weren't large problems that should have removed them from leadership. And then the Republican Tax Plan came along. It was easy enough to oppose: lower taxes for the rich, less money for children's healthcare, massive unpopularity in national polls, the fact it was written (in ink apparently) in secret at the last minute, and that it will add $1 trillion to the deficit Republicans used to hate. That's a lot to attack if for, without getting into the details of S corporation pass-throughs or the idea that even Republicans were worried it would kill economic growth, like it did in Kansas!

Only there was no real fight from Pelosi or Schumer. They spoke out against the bill, but they were not our front helping mobilize thousands of Americans who were already protesting it, no legislative maneuvering, not even stroking the President's ego to get him to undermine the bill like he did with the Obamacare repeal. Nothing.

Why no outrage? There wasn't a political cost to Pelosi and Schumer, numbers of people on both parties didn't like the bill. How hard would it to have been to peel off a could of Senators or pass a poison pill in the House? But nothing.

It has been suggested that the tax bill's beneficiaries were the same companies in California and Wall Street that had been giving to Pelosi and Schumer for years. If we are grown-up's we know that's the way politics works, even if we believe we're on the "good" side.

And some have argued the two were saving their ammunition for the budget extension fight this month where the government has to ask for more money to keep going. But Pelosi and Schumer already have a lock on that, a shutdown hurts the Republicans because they are in charge. And the GOP is scared that President * might abandon them and not take any blame for a shutdown. Sure, Democrats want a solution to the problem of children who entered without permission with their parents (DACA), but many Republicans want that too.

So the only conclusion one can come to is that Pelosi and Schumer either didn't want to fight the tax plan or didn't know how to. And if they were waiting for a Democratic majority in 2018, making kids go without vital aid programs to win elections is exactly the sort of thing Republicans are starting to do.

Thus, for the sake of the Democratic Party, winning elections in 2018, and stopping President * in 2020, there must be new, younger leadership with new ideas in Congress!!

Unless Biden decides to run. Just kidding.....

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