Saturday, March 11, 2017

First Post

What does this have to do with you?

I decided to start doing a blog for a number of different reasons. First, I found out it was 2017 and the technology exists for anyone (and I am certainly one of those anyone's) to write a blog.

Second, my opinions are extremely important as you can probably tell from my Facebook page. OK, really only in my mind! But I thought it might be good to explain why I have some of my opinions, if that is even possible.

This brings me to my third reason for blogging. My interests and reading tend toward politics and history. But I of course enjoy talking about films, television,  and the media in general. To the great surprise of many of my friends, I even follow sports. Some sports. Sometimes.  So I'm hoping through writing about some of these things that may be relevant to today's issues it might make us all think more about our beliefs.

Another reason is that I need some extra special practice on my writing! So you readers (I hope I have readers) are my test samples. I thought that sounded better than "Guinea pigs".

I guess the final reason is that I am also hoping to get friends and family who would like to write articles or reviews or whatever to have a place to do that. I'm not being generous so much as trying to take the heat off myself. And get some free content!

The rules. I am a liberal in most things and I invite conversation on political issues. But I'm hoping to make this blog less about what (or who) I don't agree with and more about why. Probably most importantly to me is not putting political content up, anyone can do that. I want to have some history and some of the things I've been reading lately.  That said, if I start moving off into frequent rants, I do want feedback on it, with little or no guarantee I will listen.

Which brings me to another rule if you can really say this forum has rules. I'm probably as thin skinned as our President. So I would appreciate civil discourse, especially in comments. I'm hoping to get better about taking criticism as I go.

And I promise my bliss won't just be essays like this. I'm going to put in pictures and links when I figure out how to do that.

The Management


  1. You know that "liberal" is a "dirty" "word" to "some" people! Maybe should go with progressive in future posts lol but I look forward to seeing your rants!!

  2. The temptation to write and add to your blog is a dangerous concept. I am pretty sure the unification of our mutual levels of wit would cause your blog to become so popular that the Google server would be in danger of crashing. I look forward to reading more, and you may count me as one of your “guinea pigs.”